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About noetic Limited

We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and boards develop their capability to influence with integrity. Organisational life can get very political and unpleasant at times. Our job is to ensure that you, and your key people, are capable of cutting through time wasting, game-playing and de-motivating negativity, by developing the political intelligence to influence with integrity.

Our approach is simple, focused and pragmatic using unique on-line resources and assessment tools specifically developed to address this key aspect of leadership.

We have, over the last five years, developed and delivered effective solutions in areas such as influencing skills, navigating organisational politics, culture and power struggles because, like yourself probably, we have fallen foul of these in our own careers. We learnt that it is not enough in today's world of work, to just do a good job. Being good at influencing and managing politics is required too.

We are based in Cheltenham UK and work across the UK and Internationally (contact us).

We can help you get better results, retain top talent and enable you and your people to be a positive influence on business success and culture.

The principal and Managing Director David Wilson has himself coached over 300 managers across all sectors accruing over 4000 hours of coaching.

There are a number of very experienced consultants and coaches who work with him see some of their profiles (see Associates).

Clients come from organisations across the public and private sectors (see Clients)

Contact noetic today and see how we can help.


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