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Political Influencing Mentoring and Coaching

If you want executive mentoring with a real edge, you're in the right place. Based on groundbreaking work in power and politics, we have developed an approach that packs a real punch at a senior level.

All too often coaching or training lacks real bite. Either too pink and fluffy, or far removed from the real world of hard business results. So post re-structure, transitioning into a senior role or concerned about the retention and engagement of your people? Call now.

Just what do you get for your money? (see Sunday Times Article)

Political Intelligence mentoring sessions are limited. We have a clear model with tightly defined objectives. These are tailored at the beginning to suit your individual requirements. This is critical to ensuring you get what you need from this intervention.

The majority of the content is based on our highly successful workshop. However this solution applies dedicated input on your personal situation and stakeholders. The ultimate result comes when you have specific projects that you have to influence.

This solution is especially useful if you ...

  • are a senior manager or director looking to become appropriately more powerful and influential.
  • are post restructure, engaged in any type of change management, culture or values work and need to ensure that a positive political culture emerges.
  • are concerned about the retention and engagement of high potential people who need to develop the core skill of political intelligence.
  • a director or CEO who wants to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.
  • have just landed a new job and quickly need to get to grips with the power dynamic in a strange environment - 'transition coaching'.

If you would like to benefit from the mentoring sessions contact us today!

"You cannot depend upon your eyes when your imagination is out of focus"
Mark Twain



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