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Personal Development Diagnostics

The Influencing Skill Assessment (the ISA)

Over the last couple of years, my good friend and colleague Colin Gautrey has been researching influencing and political skill. Now I am delighted to offer my visitors and clients a chance to use the Influencing Skill Assessment tool. This is both a self assessment of influencing skill and also a 360° feedback tool so that you can see how others view your skills in this critical area (more info).

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The Influence and Political Styles Quotient (the IPQ)

The IPQ is a unique diagnostic tool that provides an accurate analysis of an individuals' natural influencing style. It has been developed using psychometric principles and I use this when working with my clients. The IPQ is normally used as part of a wider development plan.

The benefits to individuals include:-

  • Accurate analysis of natural influencing style.
  • Understanding of how to influence with ease.
  • Insights into the limitations of their natural style.
  • Detailed guide to understanding the IPQ report.
  • Focused development on Influence and Political Skills.

This unique tool has been developed through years of experience, helping to develop the political competence and influencing skills of senior managers and executives around the world. Feedback has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy and a very positive contribution to the development of these skills.

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The Personal Power Diagnostic (the PPD)

Where does your personal power come from? How could you become more powerful and influential? Here is your opportunity to find out. Learn how to capitalise on your natural strengths and discover untapped or under utilised power sources that you could use. You'll get an instant report which shows you which power sources your focus on, together with a detailed description of the behaviours which sit behind each one, and what you can do to develop on each source (more information).

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Articles and Guides

Strategic Influencing Guru Colin Gautrey, regularly writes practical and useful articles and guides to help people to become more influential. Check out some of his latest ideas here.

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