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Get a Grip on Influencing and Stakeholder Management

We specialise in helping individuals, teams and boards develop their capability to influence with integrity. Organisational life can get very political and unpleasant at times. Our job is to ensure that you, and your key people, are capable of cutting through time wasting, game-playing and de-motivating negativity, by developing the political intelligence to influence with integrity.

  • Personal Development Diagnostics. What is your current influencing style? How can you adapt your style to fit the situation? How skilled are you at influence? Could you become more powerful? We help our clients to gain insight into these areas with a unique range of tools which act as a guide as we develop the influencing capability of our clients. (more info).

  • Political Influence Mentoring and Coaching. By applying our expertise one-to-one, we are able to focus on your influencing skills to successfully deliver specific 'projects', develop alternative approaches and styles and improve your effectiveness and political intelligence (more info).

  • Power, Politics and Strategic Influencing Workshop. A practical two-day event for senior managers which puts the focus on thinking skills, analysis and planning for action in a political environment. See what people say about these workshops (more info).

  • Projects, Teams, Boards and Change Management. To help new teams to cut the cr*p, understand difference, agree a set of ground rules and work collaboratively together (more info).

  • Stakeholder Management. Achieving results is not about our technical ability it is about how we navigate the obstacles and influence those around us (more info).

  • Short Seminars and Workshops. Let us captivate, entertain and worry your next conference or networking event (more info).

  • Organisational Development. Using our unique organisational climate survey based on the four Es we can help you measure the political climate in your organisation or team. If you really want to make a change and have the courage to surface the issues let us help you (more info).

It doesn't end there. If you need help with executive coaching or career management give us a call and we'll show you how we can bring our experts to bear on the issue and help you and your organisation to move forward fast! Contact us today!


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