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Welcome to noetic. We specialise in

Personal Power, Organisational Politics and Influencing Skills

  • helping leaders develop, their political astuteness, influencing skills and careers.
  • helping organisations to develop a positive and authentic, climate and culture.

Stand a better chance of surviving the credit crunch and recession with both your career and your integrity intact. The need to influence, persuade and successfully negotiate with our key stakeholders has never been of more importance in organisations today. Whether it is to manage our own career, to negotiate the resources we need, or to influence key customers or suppliers, winners demonstrate a particular set of competencies.

We will work with you in focused, cost-effective, leadership coaching or political mentoring conversations, and provide you with the toolkit to

  • become a more politically astute and authentic leader or manager.
  • be more influential, assertive and effective when managing your key stakeholders.
  • step up a level in your career and transition into a senior role.
  • ensure the retention and engagement of your talent, post re-structure.

Our Services

Our approach is simple, focused and pragmatic using unique Personal Development Diagnostics specifically developed to address this key aspect of leadership.

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"It is not enough in today's world of work, to just do a good job. Doing a good job and having the expertise gets us the job, but being poor at influencing and managing politics is what can lose it for us. We are already starting to see an increase in political manoeuvring as we reduce activity and overheads." HR Director.

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